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Who we are and what we want to do for you...

Austin Roadhouse Records showcases the best of new music and art from Austin, Texas. Our aim is to showcase your song or artwork for all of the world to enjoy. We love Austin music and art and want to help promote the artists involved and help them become more successful. ARR is a non-profit venue to promote the Austin music and art scene under one umbrella website. The site is privately funded and does not sell music, art or have any advertising. It exists simply to give the world a taste of what we here in Austin, Texas are lucky enough to experience on a daily basis. We want all creative talent in Austin to shine and flourish together.

Our idea is to blend music and art with community spirit. All MP3 recordings are live performances that capture the energy and excitement that make up the sound of the Austin Music Scene. Live music is spontaneous, sexy, dangerous, and unpredictable.

Art happens everywhere, all of the time. We look, see and interpret our visions in our artwork to communicate what we see and how we feel about the world. Artists define new ways of seeing and we want to share our visions.

If you are an a musician, band or artist, read about how to submit your work. No logins, usernames, passwords, advertising, come-ons or special offers. Get started and read the FAQ now.

Music Lovers, come on in for great music from the Heart of Texas! There’s a lot of free MP3 music to listen to and download for your own listening pleasure. Click on the Jukebox to pop it out in a new window, and you can listen to our music, while you surf the web. You can download all of our MP3 songs from the "music download" page. Visit the band website by clicking on the respective band names, next to their song title.

Art Lovers, view and download printable, 5 by 7 inch files of Austin Artists' artwork from the "artwork download" page. You can print the artwork files from your computer after you download them. Visit the website of each artist by clicking on their name, next to their respective artwork name.

Pass the word about us, and keep coming back for more of the finest new MP3 music & art from Austin, Texas! Visit us often - we will have new music and art uploaded monthly! Join us...

WELCOME TO THE ARR JUKEBOX: You can play the jukebox in a separate window! Click the stop button on the jukebox first, to stop the music playing on the home page. Then, click once on the jukebox. This will make the jukebox pop-out in a new window. Click on the play button to listen to the music from ARR continuously.

You can also go to other websites and work on your computer while the Austin Roadhouse Records Jukebox plays in the background. You can minimize the jukebox while it is playing. Navigate to the next or previous song with the controls on the jukebox. You can also pause or stop a song while it is playing.